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Your bird list

Upload your current life list or create a new one. Access your list from anywhere and update your list with all your new sightings. 
Create Trip Lists that record all the birds you've seen on specific trips.
Sync all lists to your Life list so any new sightings get added. 

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Connect your Instagram account and upload your new bird sighting photo's.

Link photos to birds on your list or ask your follows to help identify 



Follow Birders

Find other birders and follow their lists. 
Get notified of new sightings and photos from the birders you follow. 
Allow other birders to follow you & congratulate each other.
Help other birders to identify birds

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We create weekly/monthly/yearly sighting challenges to help you build your life list & test your birding skills

We have set life list challenges so you can start to add the common birds all the way up to rare sighting to your list



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